Banyan Camp

Banyan Camp is an off the grid, eco-retreat in deep rural Sri Lanka. A lake front location where humans are few and nature is plenty. The line between civilized and wild is blurred as are the lines between inside and out. Everything from the scavenged doors and windows to driftwood furniture, re-used bottles, re-invented trucks, and even the local food fare is a practice in the delicate art of simplicity. We have always lived true to the philosophy – ‘less is more’ and through it discovered a lifestyle that is fun, fascinating, chilled out, inspiring and just sublime.


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The heart and soul of Banyan Camp. Sleeps up to 6 people in two rooms. Great space for friends.


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Sleeps up to 4 on 2 floors. En suite bathroom. Ideal for couples and families. Pop in.


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Sleeps upto 4. 2 floors. Ideal for couples and families. Cheers!


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Sleeps 2. Ensuite bathroom. Dreams on wheels.

Neighbourhood Attractions

The area around Banyan Camp is sparsely populated, rugged country. Our closest neighbours are birds, butterflies, elephants, buffalo and so on. Temples and historical sites dot the vicinity while mountains, rivers, waterfalls, fields and plains come together to create a natural backdrop that is unspoiled and fascinating. Visitors can choose from a host of popular tourist activities or travel off the beaten path.

Elephant Safari to Udawalawe National Park: Teeming with elephants and a riot of mammals and bird life.
Leopard Safari Yala National park or Lunugamvehera National Park: High density of leopard among abundant wildlife.
Neighbourhood Safari: Wildlife, Birdlife, fields, rivers, mountains, villages, lakes,
Canoeing Hambegamuwa lake: Elephant sightings, abundant bird life and fishing. Peaceful easy feeling.
Water falls & Rivers: Day trip with lunch and refreshments to secluded waterfalls or rivers.
Historical Sites: The 10th century Buduruvagala statues, Yuddhagana Temple & lake plus countryside full of less well known archeological sites.
Lounge: Highly Recommended. Wake-up late. Eat when you like. Sleep more etc.
  • Safari to Udawalawe National Park.
  • Elephant Transit Home
  • Leopard Safari
  • Neighbourhood Safari
  • Canoeing
  • Water falls & Rivers
  • Historical Sites
  • Lounge


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